Florenza: The Card Game

« Florenza: The Card Game is a prime example of the strategic game, that can function in a card form. »


Florenza: The Card Game

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After the great success achieved by Florenza by Stefano Groppi, we return to the Renaissance environments with Florenza: The Card Game, conceived, developed and produced by the same team of the first successful title of Placentia Games.
In Florenza: The Card Game, players represent the leaders of the most important Florentine families in 1500. During the game, they will try to hire the best Artists to create city monuments, but they can also build shops and houses, or become members of an Art to strengthen their power and have more resources and money available.
Florenza: The Card Game catapults players directly into the Golden Age of the Tuscan city, with a simple game to learn, beautifully illustrated by Ivan Zoni, developed by Post Scriptum and graphically processed by Scribabs.
An exciting game, faster and easier than its predecessor, but no less exciting and tense, the players will have to strategize to choose the best action from those available, which are all valid!

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