Ark & Noah

« You will not get bored anytime during play, even when its your opponent turn.Ark & Noah is for us a very pleasant discovery, that we can recommend to less experienced players and to all fans of worker-placement games. »

Ark & Noah

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Dark clouds gather on the horizon, the Flood looms. Noah and his family must complete the Ark to save the animals from the rain. In their shoes, you must collect the material for the Ark, bring together the pairs of animals, procure their food, build adequate shelter, and finally, board them on the ship in time before the water sweeps everything away!
Never change a winning team: after Florenza, the author Stefano Groppi designed Noah & Ark, a game in which the mechanics of strategic placement are combined with dynamic tactics, leaving space for collaboration between players. Everybody has the task of saving the animals, but in the end only one will be the most deserving. In addition to the author, Placentia Games entrusted collaborators Post Scriptum for the development of the rules, Ivan Zoni for the evocative illustrations, and Scribabs for functional graphics.
Rules comes in two versions: simplified to suit both families and children, and complete for the palates of the most demanding players, with innovative dynamics that ensure there's never a dull moment of the game.

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