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In Florenza, the players represent the leaders of the most important families of Renaissance Florence. The goal is to increase its prestige as patrons, engaging the most talented and famous artists of the period to finance the creation of Works of Art. Each player can choose to beautify the Cathedral, the historical palaces of Florence, and even their own ward, thanks to the work of Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael, Leonardo and many other sculptors, painters and architects.
Florenza is the first masterpiece of Stefano Groppi and the first production of Placentia Games. For the creation of this game, there was a very fruitful collaboration between the publishers, authors, developers and designers: the historical and philological work, which played a large role in our team's research (all the characters in the game really existed, and all the buildings reproduce true Renaissance workshops); the beautiful illustrations of Ivan Zoni; the refined development of game dynamics by Post Scriptum; and finally, the attention of Scribabs graphics.
Florenza offers hours of intense fun, allowing players to discover the magic of the Renaissance and the great Italian artists in history, but above all to enjoy a vivid, complex, and rewarding game experience. A great game that offers great rewards.

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