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Placentia games mission

Placentia Games comes from the desire of offering unforgettable gaming sessions for all management gaming buffs.

The Placentia products are balanced to perfection, tested with care, designed to be fun for those who love to play using logic and long-term planning.

But Placentia games are not cold and calculating, far from it: thanks to the care of the graphics and illustrations and historical and philological research, the games of our publishing house will allow you to relive the atmosphere of the narrated background.

Playing Florenza, players will feel like true Renaissance lords collaborating with great artists such as Bernini and Da Vinci, or feel the undeniable strength of the waves in Bretagne.

Playing Florenza, Ark & Noah, Florenza Card Game or Bretagne, will always be memorable and stimulate the desire to repeat the experience to improve the gameplay and find new winning strategies.

Our goal, as publishers, is to give our players satisfying, complex, new and exciting entertainment experiences.

In short, to grow together with the game.