Ark & Noah

« You will not get bored anytime during play, even when its your opponent turn.Ark & Noah is for us a very pleasant discovery, that we can recommend to less experienced players and to all fans of worker-placement games. »


Bretagne 2015

Placentia games bretagne preview

France, mid 1800s The Lighthouses and Lanterns Commission launches a project for the construction of new lighthouses along the coast of Brittany, in order to make waterways safer. As a daring builder, you are called to contribute to the construction of ligh...

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Florenza: The Card Game - War and Religion Expansion 2014

Placentia games florenza the card game war and religion expansion preview

After the great success of Florenza: The Card Game, the team could not miss an expansion that could exponentially broaden the possibilities and enjoyment of the game: the number of players increases from 4 to 6, and Clergy cards and Mercenaries increase int...

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Florenza: The Card Game 2013

Placentia games florenza the card game preview

After the great success achieved by Florenza by Stefano Groppi, we return to the Renaissance environments with Florenza: The Card Game, conceived, developed and produced by the same team of the first successful title of Placentia Games.
In Florenza: T...

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Ark & Noah 2012

Placentia games ark noah preview

Dark clouds gather on the horizon, the Flood looms. Noah and his family must complete the Ark to save the animals from the rain. In their shoes, you must collect the material for the Ark, bring together the pairs of animals, procure their food, build adequa...

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Florenza 2010

Placentia games florenza preview

In Florenza, the players represent the leaders of the most important families of Renaissance Florence. The goal is to increase its prestige as patrons, engaging the most talented and famous artists of the period to finance the creation of Works of Art. Each...

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