Florenza: The Card Game

« Florenza: The Card Game is a prime example of the strategic game, that can function in a card form. »


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Bretagne 2015

Placentia games bretagne preview

France, mid 1800s The Lighthouses and Lanterns Commission launches a project for the construction of new lighthouses along the coast of Brittany, in order to make waterways safer. As a daring builder, you are called to contribute to the construction of ligh...

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Florenza: The Card Game - War and Religion Expansion 2014

Placentia games florenza the card game war and religion expansion preview

After the great success of Florenza: The Card Game, the team could not miss an expansion that could exponentially broaden the possibilities and enjoyment of the game: the number of players increases from 4 to 6, and Clergy cards and Mercenaries increase int...

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