Florenza: The Card Game - War and Religion Expansion

« If you liked what F:tCG was doing up to now, War and Religion follows on the same footsteps »


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WENDAKE late pledge!

Did you find our awesome game WENDAKE, but it was too late for a pledge? Don't panic!Justemail us Too late! Time is expired! We wait you in Essen, hall 7, booth C-110 to try the game and buy it, if you want!for a late pledge and you'll be able to have the …

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Almost ready!

In few days the Kickstarter campaign fo Kepler-3042 wil start!Are you curious about it? Are you interested about the game rules and can't wait to know something more?Well, we have good news!On the Post Scriptum's Youtube channel, in fact, we published  thi…

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Mock ups available!

How did you spend the May 1 weekend? We prepared mock ups all the time!The Kepler-3042 project  is becoming more and more concrete and touchable. Now it starts looking like the final product we have in mind! Of course it will be improved a lot: the Celesti…

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